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"SELECT ShingleMaster."
This qualification is the top level offered by CertainTeed Corporation!
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We have skilled painters ready to carry out your exterior painting project.

As you well know, the basis of a great paint job is the prep work. Preparation is absolutely crucial, in order for the paint to adhere to the surface properly.

So, before we begin to paint your home's exterior we will pressure wash your entire house with an environmentally-conscious cleaner to eliminate mildew, dirt, and moss. (Delicate areas will be hand-washed if necessary.)

If there is any damage present, like dry rot, we will let you know and if necessary, we will repair it before we start painting.

After washing and drying, we'll remove all loose and peeling paint and if necessary, sand all the rough edges. Also, glossy areas will be scuffed to insure proper adhesion. Any splits or cracks, as well as all windows, will be caulked, insuring proper sealing and insulation, and preventing future water damage.

Doors and windows are masked, plants and shrubs covered, and landscaping, driveway and walkways protected.

Next, primer is applied, followed by paint, using a brush, a roller, or a sprayer—whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Once painting is complete, we perform a cleanup of any paint chips, debris, trash, etc. Everything is left at least as clean as we found it.

Finally, we ask you, the customer to inspect the job. We want to be sure you are satisfied. Once approved, payment is made, and we leave you with a labeled, easy-to-use paint touch-up kit.