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CertainTeed Corporation Select Shinglemaster Qualifications C&J Construction is now a
"SELECT ShingleMaster."
This qualification is the top level offered by CertainTeed Corporation!
BBB Accredited Business
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Roofing… we have you covered!

At C&J Construction we know putting a roof on your home is both a costly and important decision, as protecting your home and your property starts from the top-down!

Once you request a quote, I will visit your site and evaluate your roofing system. I will give you my honest professional opinion, and the options you have. We will address any prior issues you have had... leaks, rotted plywood/sheathing, ventilation/insulation issues, etc. and give you a free estimate.

At C&J Construction we only use the top roofing materials: Certainteed, GAF, IKO and Tamko!
We have master certified shingle installers on staff.

After evaluating your project, I'll explain my recommendations to you. Feel free to ask me questions about materials, installation requirements or my company. I'll help you understand your options so that you get a customized solution that meets your wants and needs. At C&J Construction, we do more than just drop off estimates. We make promises. We properly evaluate your project and give you our written promise for a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Compare C&J Construction to the other companies that send out unlicensed salespersons to drop off a quote like it is no more important than dropping off the morning newspaper. They'll even do it while you're not home. Some companies do that because they don't want you to know they're violating state law, which requires the proposal to be made only by licensed contractors.

Our quality control system ensures your new roof will last longer and perform properly for many years. As the owner of C&J Construction, I'll inspect the work in progress to make sure it meets our quality standards. We hire the right installers, supervise their work and verify that it meets our standards for excellence. Because our workmanship is better, your new roof will last longer.

During strip and reroofs we take the time to move all of the customers personal property, hang tarps from both the house and on the lawns, and designate drop zones for the debris to be safely removed from the roof. All installations are done according to manufacturers' specifications, and the owner is onsite working on every job!

The way we conduct business guarantees a higher level of customer satisfaction. We'll help you avoid the frustration and disappointments caused by unreliable contractor.